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President's Greetings

I have been appointed as the president of the Japan-Djibouti Friendship Association. Greetings to all of you.

I have been stationed in Djibouti for over two years since 2015 as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Djibouti is located in eastern Africa, in an important location for international maritime traffic. As a geopolitical strategic point, it is a country closely related to the prosperity and security of our country.

Although located in the Horn of Africa, a region prone to instability, Djibouti maintains political stability. It also contributes to regional and even global peace and stability.

Djibouti also serves as a gateway for landlocked countries such as Ethiopia. It is also an important country for neighboring countries. It will continue to serve as an economic hub for the East African region.


Japan and Djibouti have a special relationship.


For more than 10 years, the Self-Defense Forces' only overseas base has been in Djibouti. We ensure the safety of international maritime traffic through anti-piracy activities. Furthermore, it is expected to serve as a base for emergency evacuation and emergency support in response to various emergencies.


At the same time, Japan has been deeply involved in development cooperation in Djibouti and peace and security in the East African region. Considering its geopolitical importance, role and future prospects as a regional hub, it is expected that the cooperative relationship with Djibouti will continue to grow.


The purpose of the recently established association is to build on these achievements and further develop the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two countries.


Although it may be a small effort, I would like to make every effort to develop the relationship between Japan and Djibouti. We would be happy if we could deepen our cooperation with everyone who is interested. Thank you for your continued support.

Japan-Djibouti Friendship Association President Tatsuo Arai

Message from the ambassador

Welcome to the Japan Djibouti Friendship Association website.
We are very pleased with the establishment of this Association, and hope that it will further strengthen the excellent relations between our two countries.
Djibouti and Japan have enjoyed excellent relations since our independence, with Japan providing unfailing support for our development, but it was in 2011 that these relations became a very special strategic partnership with the installation of the only overseas base of the Japan Self-Defense Forces.  Since then, Japan has ensured maritime security in our region by combating, among other things, acts of piracy, and Djibouti for its part plays the role of an anchor point, notably for the repatriation of Japanese nationals in the event of a crisis on the African continent.  Today, we are delighted to see that Djibouti is becoming increasingly well known in Japan.
It was in these circumstances that the Japan Djibouti Friendship Association was created, with the invaluable support of many friends.  We rely heavily on this Association, a private organization for bilateral friendship, whose mission is to bring together the efforts of various people in Japan to strengthen our relations, make our country better known, and further increase the number of friends of Djibouti. 
We hope that with your support, the Association will continue to grow, and that we can further expand and strengthen the bonds of friendship between our two countries.  Thank you in advance for your invaluable support.

Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Japan

Ibrahim Bileh Dualeh

Bienvenue sur le site Web de l'Association d'Amitié Japon-Djibouti.
Nous sommes très heureux de la création de cette Association, et nous espérons qu'elle permettra de renforcer davantage les excellentes relations entre nos deux pays.
Djibouti et le Japon ont joui d’excellentes relations depuis notre indépendance, le Japon ayant apporté un soutien sans faille à notre développement, mais c’est en 2011 que ces relations sont devenues un partenariat stratégique tout à fait spécial avec l’installation e l’unique base à l’étranger des Forces japonaises d’Auto-Défense.  Depuis lors, le Japon a assuré la sécurité maritime dans notre région en luttant, entre autres, contre les actes de piraterie, et Djibouti pour sa part joue le rôle de point d’ancrage notamment lors des rapatriements des ressortissants japonais en cas de crise sur le continent africain.  Aujourd'hui, nous nous réjouissons de voir que Djibouti devient de plus en plus connu au Japon.
C’est dans ces circonstances que l’Association d’amitié Japon-Djibouti a été créée avec le précieux soutien de nombreux amis.  Nous comptons beaucoup sur cette Association, organisation privée pour l'amitié bilatérale, dont la mission est de rassembler les efforts de diverses personnes au Japon pour renforcer nos relations, faire mieux connaître notre pays, et augmenter davantage le nombre d'amis de Djibouti. 
Nous espérons qu'avec votre soutien, l’Association continuera à se développer et que nous pourrons encore élargir et renforcer les liens d'amitié entre nos deux pays.  Merci à l'avance de votre précieux concours.

Ibrahim Bileh Doualeh
Ambassadeur de la République de Djibouti au Japon

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